Quarter Auction!

March 21, 2020

At the Lisbon Lions Club on Industrial Park Road

Doors open as 12:00pm. Luncheon items will be available for purchase then & throughout the auction.

Auction begins at 1:00 p.m.

$5.00 for entrance and one paddle for bidding.

Additional paddles available for $1.00 each.

Proceeds will benefit Lisbon Area Chamber of Commerce projects.

Lisbon Area Chamber of Commerce

Welcomes you to our Quarter Auction!

Hope you have the luck of the Irish today!!!

We hope you enjoy yourself and get some great deals!!!

  1. Upon arrival yo u will receive a list of “action items” and who they were donated by.
  2. When you purchase a $5.00 ticket, you will receive a bid paddle. You may purchase additional paddles for $1.00
  3. One, two, three or more quarters, based on the item’s value will be the bid each time.
  4. When the item is up for bid, place your quarters in the cup for EACH paddle that you choose to use & hold up your paddle(s).
    1. EXAMPLE: 4 Quarter bid, you hold up 1 paddle – place 4 quarters in the cup.
    2. 2 Quarter bid, you hold up 3 paddles – place SIX quarters in the cup.
  5. The Quarter cups will be collected EACH time an item is bid on.
  6. Your paddles MUST be in the air when the winning number is called. If not, another number will be drawn. This is very important and will keep it fair for all! Please help monitor your table.

If you don’t win, your quarters will be collected. No quarters are returned to non-winning bidders.